21 Day Mindfulness and Meditation Challenge

meditation and mindfulness

Dates: December 1-21, 2019

What: A series of short, free events in the studio. Encouragement to do some form of mindfulness/meditation (either on your own or virtually with us) every day for 21 days. An invitation to the Wellness in Motion group on the Insight Timer app, so you can see who is meditating with you at home.

Studio events:

December 1, 9:30-10:30am Mantra Meditation with Briel.

December 8th, 12:30-1:30pm Reiki share with Briel. Pre-registration required and can be done on our Class Calendar Page.

December 16th, 8:30-9:00am Mantra Meditation with Briel.

Virtual Events: We’re using the free Insight Timer App to help create a sense of community for those meditating outside of the studio. Follow these 3 simple steps to find out group:

1) Go to your App Store and download Insight Timer.

2) Open the app, create an account and then click the 4 little dots in the top left corner to open the search function.

3) Type Wellness in Motion in the search bar. When you see our logo pop up, click that to join the group.

IMG_6890  IMG_6896  IMG_6901

Group sitting times on Insight Timer will be every day at 6:30am and 9pm. Join in as often as you would like and sit for as long as you would like, knowing that others will be meditating with you. Check the message board on insight timer for idea of meditations to try or chose one of your own. We look forward to meditating with you!

All events are open to WIM members as well as those new to the studio.

Encouragement: Chance to win a WIM water bottle, an herbal goodie bag including tea, tinctures and slaves, and essential oil goodies including mat spray, sleep spray and a mini roller ball. The more you participate, the greater your odds of winning the prize! Remember your challenge is to meditate every day for 21 days.