Backcare and Scoliosis

17158909_10155163866064073_466290346013861868_oMandy has studied yoga for backcare and scoliosis extensively, training with some of the country’s most influential teachers such as Alison West, Deboroh Wolk, Rachel Jesien, Dr. Loren Fishman and Elise Browning Miller. She is currently working with clients on an individual basis and in a small group class format. If you suffer from generalized back pain, hyper-kyphosis, hyper-lordosis, herniated discs, spondylolisthesis, osteoporosis, degenerative disc disease or scoliosis, Mandy can design a specialized yoga practice to help you find greater balance, ease and muscle tone.

Please be aware that, due to the nature of these sessions, the first private session often involves a great deal of talk. Mandy will need a complete health history, understanding of your back concerns, and level of pain. From there she’ll spend some time explaining what is actually happening in your body. Both of these things are imperative to your healing. Mandy can give you the tools, but it is up to you to incorporate them into your life. The more you understand the source of your discomfort, the more easily you’ll be able to adapt not only your yoga practice, but all of your movement/posture habits.

The group Yoga Therapy for Back Care and Yoga Therapy for Scoliosis classes here at Wellness in Motion do require pre-registration, as each class is limited to only 6 students. This limit is in place to make sure Mandy can give you each individualized attention and help you meet your needs.

If you are interested in scheduling a session with Mandy, please send an email to with a bit of information about your back concerns. You can also find more information on Mandy’s Yoga Therapy website.

Watch Mandy talking about Yoga for Scoliosis on Central PA Live (you may have to watch a short ad first):

What are students saying about Mandy’s backcare and scoliosis yoga?

“Week by week I had a better understanding of my unique spine. I gained confidence, moving through the postures in class and practicing them at home. I felt the change and am now free of the pain, tension and patterns I have created.” ~ Jennifer T.

“I found this scoliosis yoga series very helpful. I found that in 5 weeks, I noticed a decrease in back pain, which was wonderful. I find it is easier to stand straighter, which was difficult for me before and something I had to think about and work at doing. It was so helpful to have this small class because Mandy was able to give us individual attention and she made sure that we did the poses in the correct way so it was most beneficial to correct our specific curves.”

“This class brought the joy back to yoga for me. I was sad and frustrated when my old yoga practice no longer seemed to feel good, but now I have the knowledge to understand why and I’m able to adjust my practice so that it works for my body.” ~ Kim H.

“I loved your course. And I’m happy to report that all of what I remember to do from your class is keeping my tension patterns relieved and spine pain-free! My spine is stronger and better posture is maintained without getting so tired and tense! I traveled last weekend 3 hours in the car, then slept on not ideal bed for 2 nights and walked for hours and sat on hard chairs for hours! Amazing, I could enjoy myself through the long days and social late nights and keep a thread of awareness on my spine! And of course applied the back-care floor and wall exercises each morning. That was a great test for me to realize how much the knowledge of my unique spine patterns can be managed!” ~ Jennifer T.