Parties/Private Sessions

50679355_1666755783470746_1265265724377530368_oThe research surrounding the practice of yoga with youth identifies numerous benefits. Among these are an ability to regulate emotions and navigate challenges in a mindful way as well as an ability to attend during academic programs, with a decrease in negative behaviors. Yoga is also becoming more common as a supportive practice with athletes. Youth involved in sports of all kinds can use yoga as a way to improve flexibility and reduce their likelihood of injury among other positive outcomes.

Private Classes

Is your youth group interested in a yoga experience as a way to demonstrate these benefits (ex. support relaxation before testing, prepare for a basketball tournament, connect as a scouting troop, etc)?

Schedule a 1.5 hour long class for your youth group (sports, scouts, church youth group, homeschool community, group of friends, etc.) This time would include a centering activity, an age appropriate yoga class as well as a group/interactive element and a period of relaxation. Time will be allocated for a healthy snack and socializing as well.

Cost: $90.00 for up to 10 children. Additional participants welcome for $5 each.

Yoga Party

In our studio…

WIM_party_48A 2 hour long yoga party includes an age appropriate yoga class, calming craft project, along with time for cake/food and time for gifts. Parents are responsible for bringing the cake/food and any table decorations.

Cost: $180.00 for up to 10 children. Additional participants welcome for $10 each.

At your location of choice…

Gain a little more flexibility by having us come to you! Schedule either a yoga class alone, or with a party themed craft. The prices below are for a maximum of 12 children. Add more for $5 per child.

Yoga class alone (approx. 60 minutes): $90

Yoga class + craft (approx. 90 minutes): $145

To schedule a private session or yoga birthday party, contact Kathleen Zdenek at 814-359-8819 or

Youth Yoga Collage

“Kathleen Zdenek has done a wonderful job organizing, developing, and teaching a private mother/tween daughter yoga class for myself, my daughter, and three other mothers and their 11-12 year old daughters. Every week we meet in the wonderful and charming Wellness in Motion Yoga Studio. We always start with a centering. We then warm up and go through a series of yoga poses. Finally, we end with my daughter’s favorite part, a period of relaxation. ¬†Every class is different and carefully planned by Kathleen to keep everyone’s interest. Kathleen is always committed to sending the girls a very positive message about overcoming fear and doubt and developing mindfulness. Initially I didn’t know what my daughter and her friends would think of yoga, but I can honestly say they ALL LOVE it. It is such a wonderful way to begin the new week and to have this special mother/daughter time together. Kathleen is a caring, kind, and knowledgeable yoga teacher who has established a safe and relaxing space for all of us to explore yoga. I am very grateful to have our Sunday yoga time with her.” ~K.F.