Special Events

Toolkit Series: Herbs, Asana, and Pranayama for the Respiratory System

Friday, September 20th 7:15-8:30pm

respiratory tool kitIn this class we will cover the respiratory system and gain some tools to help with common ailments such as allergies and asthma. Herbal remedies and preparatory yoga poses for the art of breathing, pranayama, will be covered. All welcome, regardless of experience.

Class card and drop-ins are welcome; pre-registration required as handouts and samples will be given! Save your space on the Class Calendar Page.




Mindfulness Book Club

Beginning Sunday, September 22nd, 5:30-6:45pm

yoga booksWe are looking forward to kicking off a new season of our Mindfulness Book Club with fresh eyes and open minds & hearts! This is a free event for all. Even if you have never been to Wellness in Motion before, come and join us!

This year’s intention for Mindfulness Book Club is to read 4 books, over 8 months affording us more opportunity for community discussion, integration and related activities.

Book club dates are as follows (all 3rd Sundays of the month, except for the May date) and we will always meet from 5:30-6:45pm:

September 22nd and October 20th – The Mind Illuminated by John Yates.

November 17th and January 19th – book to be determined

February 16th and March 15th – book to be determined

April 19th and May 31st – book to be determined

Biomechanics of the Shoulder Girdle

Saturday, September 28th, 2019 10am-noon

Biomechanics of the Shoulder Girdle Workshop

The shoulder girdle is comprised of 6 classical joints, and two pseudo-joints. Because of its complexity, yoga asana instruction often oversimplifies important actions in this region.
Since we spend significant time placing weight through the hands and therefore the shoulders in yoga, it is wise to be informed. In this workshop, we’ll explore the anatomic structure and biomechanics of the shoulder girdle, and intelligent stabilization of this highly mobile joint.
This workshop will be part discussion/lecture, and part practice to apply what we learn.
Please join us for a morning of delicious self care for shoulders and anatomy guided by doctor of physical therapy and long time yoga teacher, Ariele Foster. Although the anatomic portion will be geared toward yoga and movement teachers, all are welcome.
Your teacher, Ariele, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, founder of YogaAnatomyAcademy.com, a long time yoga teacher, and an advocate for depth and quality in yoga practice and instruction. For more information on Ariele, see http://sacredsourceyoga.com/ or https://yogaanatomyacademy.com
***This workshop is part of Wellness in Motion’s 300 hour YTT. If you are already enrolled in the 300YTT you do not need to register for the workshop as well.

Way of the Happy Fascia

Saturday, September 28th, 2019, 1:30-3:30pm

Way of the Happy Fascia ImageJoin Dr. Ariele Foster, physical therapist, yoga teacher and founder of YogaAnatomyAcademy.com for an afternoon of self-myofascial “release”, exploratory movement and movement science.
Self-myofascial release is a practice that deeply compliments yoga asana and other movement modalities, and has a profound effect of calming your nervous system. It is a self-care skill that will benefit and enhance the rest of your life.
This workshop includes a guided full-body myofascial release practice, some gentle, asana-based mindful movement, and the latest knowledge on the science of fascia and optimal movement. Understand how the practice of myofascial release integrates into the physical expression of yoga as well as yoga philosophy.
Enjoy a lightness, freedom and sense of renewal in your body. Walk away like you are walking on a cloud.
Please bring 2 tennis balls and a clean tube sock.
No previous experience is required. ALL BODIES / ALL AGES ARE WELCOME, no yoga experience is required. Yoga or movement teachers and more experienced students will understand a new, complementary skill to share with students.
2 Contact hours for Yoga Alliance-registered teachers. All Workshop participants receive a free PDF guide for home practice.
Your teacher, Ariele, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, founder of YogaAnatomyAcademy.com, a long time yoga teacher, creator of the Yoga Journal online course Fascia Release for Yoga, and an advocate for depth and quality in yoga practice and instruction. For more information on Ariele, see http://sacredsourceyoga.com/ or https://yogaanatomyacademy.com–
Cost $50 per person. Save $20 and bundle this workshop with Biomechanics of the Shoulder Girdle.

****This is part of Wellness in Motion’s 300 hour YTT. If you are already enrolled in the YTT, you do not need to register for this workshop in addition.****

Chandra Namaskara – Full Moon Salutations

full moonRelease what is no longer serving you and invite new intentions with this full moon flow. Join Toni and/or Jessica for a meditative and expansive practice making room for new energy and the renewal of intentions. It is believed that lunar energy has a revitalizing effect on the body. This hour-long mindful flow is intended to help harness that cooling energy and cultivate a fresh perspective.

Sunday, October 13th 8:15 PM – 9:15 PM

Tuesday, November 12th 8:15 PM – 9:15 PM

Thursday, December 12th 7:45 PM – 8:45 PM

Class cards and drop-ins accepted.


Way of the Happy Hips

Saturday, October 26, 2019, 10am-12pm.

way of the happy hips greeceSitting is the new smoking….which means we’ve all got some work to do. Tight and weak muscle patterns become embedded into our bodies through furniture and lifestyle. Often these patterns continue to show up on the yoga mat, no matter how many sun salutations we do.

Discover specific ways to move on the mat, which will unlock hip flexors and awaken hip stabilizers. Offer love to your psoas and so much more.

From tight hip flexors to the distance between your knees and the floor in cross-legged, explore and play with both opening and strength-building in this pivotal part of your body.

Guided by a doctor of physical therapy and yoga teacher, you will get to know the muscles surrounding your hips, understand the role of the hips in balance and core stability, and find new levels of ease and freedom in yoga asana.

This workshop is all levels and is designed for anyone who sits for any length any day of the week, for cyclists, for runners, for truckers, and of course, for yogis.

Your teacher, Ariele, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, founder of YogaAnatomyAcademy.com, a long time yoga teacher, and an advocate for depth and quality in yoga practice and instruction. For more information on Ariele, see http://sacredsourceyoga.com/ or https://yogaanatomyacademy.com

Cost $50 per person. Save $20 and bundle this workshop with Anatomic Sequencing.

****This is part of Wellness in Motion’s 300 hour YTT. If you are already enrolled in the YTT, you do not need to register for this workshop in addition.****

Anatomic Sequencing for Complex Poses and Arm Balances

Saturday, October 26thth, 2019 1:30-4:30pm

anatomic sequencing for hand balanceThis workshop will remove the mystery surrounding intelligent, anatomy-based sequencing, and imbue greater value to your home practice, set apart your teaching, and magnetize students back for more.
A well-sequenced yoga class or workshop is easy to recognize: you walk away lighter, enlivened and expanded. You might embody a pose that you previously thought was impossible, or realize later that you were suspended in a flow state throughout. How do you replicate such extraordinary experiences with your own students or home practice?
Learn to create effective and authentic (to you or your yoga background), yoga classes, home practices and workshops. Treating each moment of practice like a precious drop of nectar is easy once you have a solid sequencing strategy.
Pair Poses Like Good Wine with Cheese. Become an asana sommelier.
This workshop offers 3 Contact hour CEUs to registered yoga teachers.
***This workshop is part of Wellness in Motion’s 300 hour YTT. If you are already enrolled in the 300YTT you do not need to register for this as well. ***

PiYo Glow Halloween Edition

Wednesday, October 30th 5:30pm

PiYo GlowJoin Jessica on October 30th, at 5:30pm, when PiYo takes on a new glow! Think black lights and glow sticks combined with the same sweaty workout we know and love! Bright colored clothing encouraged, but not required 😉

Class cards and drop-in rates apply – no extra fee for the glowing fun! Do to limited space, pre-registration is required.



Movie Night!

November 1, 2019 7:15pm

You know we love our community! We’ve been brainstorming ways to continue giving back to you all and ways to spend more time as a community. And then came the idea of a movie night!

Join us for an in studio viewing of Kumaré. Kumaré is a feature documentary film about the time filmmaker Vikram Gandhi impersonated a fake guru and built a following of real people. Winner of the Audience Award for Best Documentary at SXSW 2011.

We’ll project the documentary onto the wall and provide some sort of light snack. While this is a free event, please pre-register on the class calendar so we know how many to prepare for.

Toolkit Series: Treating Cold and Flu/Herbs in winter cooking/baking

Sunday, November 3rd 1-2:30pm

In this class we will cover herbal remedies for treating the common cold and influenza. An emphasis will be placed on using herbal medicines in our winter cooking and baking to help with these ailments and increase immunity throughout the winter season. Class cards may be used. Pre-registration required. Save your space on our Class Calendar.

Worry Reduction Series

Sundays 11/3 and 12/8, 2019, 4:30-6:30pm

worry reductionThis class consists of (2) 2-hour small closed-group sessions involving a combination of activities, exercises, breath work and open discussion. Participants will also receive (2) 30-minute personalized phone sessions to target specific areas of need. Together we will address anxiety, worry, negative thinking, and the patterns and behaviors surrounding them. Group work is beneficial to those who are willing to discuss and share their struggles with anxiety. This dynamic allows for a broader feeling of support and empowerment. It can allow for significant releasing of old behaviors and a greater sense of community. You will complete this class with simple, practical tools to use in everyday life.



RaeLed by Sakarra Rae, a practitioner in the holistic health field for over 15 years. She offers meditation, life coaching, energy work, and body work as well as holistic support. She is a graduate of Penn State and the Central PA School of Massage. She currently owns and operates Shealer. A lover of people, healthy food, nature, and animals, she strives to empower her clients to create vibrant health and discover their joy and purpose in life. You are most likely to find her reading a book with a cup of tea and her beloved dog Bailey at her side.

Cost: $120/person. Click here to save your space today!

Veterans Gratitude Week Free & Donation Based Class

Sunday, November 10th 5:30-6:45pm

More than 2 million American veterans are struggling with PTS symptoms and an average of 20 commit suicide each day.

Yoga venues across the country are mobilizing for the Sixth Annual Veterans Yoga Project Gratitude Week November 8-18, 2019. The week-long event is designed to call attention to trauma-related conditions and the power of yoga as a tool for healing.

Join Jessica and Toni as they lead a Mindful Resilience Yoga class. Mindful Resilience consists of five tools: Breath, Meditation, Mindful Movement, Guided Rest, and Gratitude. During this 75 minute yoga practice, we will explore these 5 tools giving each student time turn their attention inward and practice developing strength, stability, and flexibility in mind, body, and spirit.

This class is open to all veterans and family members free of charge and we are asking that community members supply a donation of their choosing in the form of cash to support the Veterans Yoga Project. Donation-based classes will raise funds for yoga programs for veterans and their families in the communities where funds are raised.

To date teachers have registered more than 40 classes across more than 20 states during Veterans Gratitude Week.

Jessica Minelli and Toni Feret are both 200hr trained yoga teachers who have studied Mindful Resilience with the Veterans Yoga Project. You can learn more about VYP here: veteransyogaproject.org

FREE 21 Day Meditation and Mindfulness Challenge

December 1-21, 2019

meditation and mindfulnessWe received such great feedback from our 21 Day Meditation and Mindfulness Challenge that we knew we had to do it again this year. We are currently working on the in studio events, but you are welcome to join our Insight Timer group anytime. (Click here for instructions on how to find out group.)



FREE Reiki Share

December 8th, 9:30-10:30am

reikiThis Reiki share will give you the opportunity to both give and get some hands on Reiki in a group setting. We will also do a Reiki meditation circle. All levels and lineages are welcome to this share. Even those without Reiki experience can come participate and learn about this technique! Pre-registration is required and can be done on our Class Calendar Page.







Herbal Make and Take

Sunday, December 8th, 1-3pm

IMG_20180922_114938408In this hands on class you will have the opportunity to make handmade herbal holiday gifts for loved ones. We will be making herbal teas, infused culinary vinegar and salves. Everyone will go home with gifts to give to family members. Fun wrapping will also be an option at the end of this event! $20, Pre-registration required. Save your space now!




Annual Yoga and Yarn Retreat at the Nature Inn Bald Eagle

Saturday and/or Sunday January 11/12, 2020
Yoga and Yarn 2020Wellness in Motion and Stitch Your Art Out are once again teaming up to bring you what has become our annual Yoga and Yarn Retreat. You’ll have a choice of either one or two days of yoga and knitting. We will again be at the Nature Inn at Bald Eagle. This wonderful place gives a beautiful, calm setting, lots of windows, and a warm fireplace. We love it there!

We’ll begin each of our days unwinding the kinks from our bodies while overlooking Bald Eagle Mountain and Lake during a guided all levels yoga practice. The yoga will be suitable for those who have never done yoga before. If you feel physically unable, that’s just fine. You are welcome to knit on your own in the morning, and relax in your own way. The knitting will also be suitable for people who have never knitted–and we will also have projects available for more experienced knitters.

After yoga, enjoy a healthy and delicious lunch, which will include both vegan and gluten-free options. Spend the afternoon knitting by the fireplace, making new friends, and enjoying coffee, tea, and snacks. Saturday guests will enjoy a delicious dinner, which makes for a perfectly stress free day, especially if you plan to spend the night at the Inn. On Sunday, the retreat will end before dinner, at 4pm.

When and How?

The retreat will take place on Saturday and/or Sunday, January 11 and 12, 2020. To ensure that we have enough people both days, we will open signups to the 2-day people, beginning now until the end of September. Beginning Oct. 1, we will open it up to those who would prefer a choice of Saturday or Sunday. Early-bird signup prices will end on Nov. 1, and you may continue to sign up until December 27. After that, we will take names in case of an unexpected opening. If you wish to stay overnight during that weekend, please book a room directly through the Nature Inn (814) 625-2879. Please take care of any reservations ASAP. Last year both the retreat and the hotel filled.

The 2-day price includes lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, and classes on Saturday, and again, lunch, snack, and classes on Sunday. (Note that Sunday does not include dinner, and that the hotel room is not included in pricing, so you will need to reserve through the Nature Inn.)

The early bird cost for Saturday is $160 and Sunday is $145; if you register for both days, it will be $290. After November 30, the cost will be $180 for Saturday and $165 for Sunday, or $340 for both days.

The Schedule

9:30: Arrive and get set up for the yoga class.

10:00-11:30: Yoga

11:30-12:30: Lunch is served! It will consist of soups and salads for the main fare, and different sides each day.

12:30: Knitting Project for those who have knit before. Cynthia will get you started on the project.

1:00: If you have never knit before, you will begin now! Knitting for beginning knitters. We will start a simple scarf.

2:00: Snacks.

Relax with knitting all afternoon. Cynthia will continue to sit with the beginners, but will be available for other help or consultation.

(On Sunday, the retreat will end at 4:00pm, before dinner.)

5:00: Dinner.

Coffee and tea are available all day!


The Nature Inn is at Bald Eagle State Park, 201 Warbler Way, Howard, PA 16841. Nestled within the natural beauty of the park, in the very center of the state, the Inn combines the comfort of a B&B with sweeping mountain and lake views. Our meeting room has a wall of windows and a fireplace, to set the day’s relaxing and inviting environment. If you wish to spend Friday or Saturday night at the Inn, please contact them directly to make reservations.

Register now!

2-day registration is currently open. Click here to register.

We’ll open single day registration on October 1st.

Note that signups are nonrefundable. Although we have never had a weather problem, it is January! The retreat will be held unless the state closes the roads.

Reiki 2

Sundays, January 12th, 19th, 26th, and Feb 9th, 12:30-2:45pm

restorative and reikiWe will delve further into our practice, focusing more on treatment of others than we did in level one. Other modalities will be explored and Reiki symbols, animal reiki, reiki circles and distance reiki will be introduced. Prerequisite: Reiki Level One – with any teacher/practitioner.

Course cost is $175 for early bird payments made before Dec 15th, and $200 afterwards. Payment plans available; please email Mandy if you are in need of one.

Register now:

Early bird?